Welcome to soSIMPLE Calendar

This page is used for creating Drag & Drop Calendars in FileMaker Pro.
For more information, please visit soSIMPLEsoftware.com.

This page must be called with "?calendar=" as shown in soSIMPLE Calendar Settings.

If you have a single-server installation and you have FileMaker Pro on this machine, you may be able to open soSIMPLE Calendar Settings in FileMaker Pro by clicking here.

If everything below is green, you're good to go.

Configuration settings:
Your FileMaker Server is located at:
Your Settings file is called "soSIMPLE Calendar Settings"
These settings, and several others, can be changed in the config.php file.

Cache Test: Your cache file is writeable
FileMaker Class test: True

Testing Connectivity:
FileMaker class file is working
ERROR: Cannot access FMS at
ERROR: Cannot access "soSIMPLE Calendar Settings" at
802: Unable to open file

Selected PHP method: