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Contractor Instructions

The following VSQG business has requested an appointment for drop-off of hazardous waste.  Please verify their EPA ID Number, waste/material description for proper hazard classification, quantity(ies), and click on Set Costs and Update to confirm the appropriate price for recycling/disposal and automatically email the business with the appointment details.

Company Information
Generator Name Universal Plastics, Inc. Appointment Date 08/20/2020
Contact Person Bill Griffen Appointment Time 09:00:00
Street Address address Drop-off Location 32 Tower Road, San Mateo CA 94402
City city Email
Zip Code 94005 EPA ID 5545477-55412-64 Verified: No
Telephone 650-555-1478 Verify EPA ID Yes, No or N/A for universal waste
Appointment Type VSQG Costs will not be set for abandoned waste appointments
Materials to be disposed
General Material Description
Material Cost
3 gal 4.2
5 lbs 15
10 each 150
Processing Cost 
Total Weight: 5.00 lbs
Total Gallons: 3.00
Total Cost 
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