Please follow the requirements listed below to keep you and your community safe before and during your appointment.
10 pound and 50 gallon limit
How to Prepare Your HHW for Transportation and Drop-off  

Limit: 10 Gallons or 50 Pounds of Waste per Appointment

State regulations prohibit you from transporting more than 10 liquid gallons or 50 solid pounds of hazardous waste in your vehicle at one time. If you have more than 10 gallons or 50 pounds of waste, you can make multiple appointments.

Instructions if your waste exceeds 10 gallons:

  • Estimate the amount of actual product in the container.
  • Make one appointment per vehicle for each 10 gallons or 50 pounds of hazardous waste.
  • Make additional appointments as needed - 10 gallons each for 2 appointments in 2 cars (or 2 trips).
  • There is no limit to the number of appointments you may make per event.

Limit: We Cannot Accept Containers Larger Than 5 Gallons

The Program only accepts containers that are 5 gallons or less in size.
Instructions if you have waste in an oversized container larger than 5 gallons:

  • Get buckets with lids that are no larger than 5 gallons in size.
  • Transfer waste from larger containers into the 5-gallon bucket and secure the lid.
  • Label the 5-gallon bucket with the name and description of the original product.


Prepare For Your Appointment by Following These Steps:
  1. Keep your waste in its original, non-leaking containers.
  2. For waste in original containers with intact and legible labels, place items in boxes or crates - this is best for keeping waste containers upright for safer transport and avoiding spills.
  3. For waste without a label or not in the original container, please tell us what it is, or otherwise attach a label indicating what it is.
  4. Do not place items in plastic garbage bags.
  5. For fragile or leaking containers, place them in a larger container such as a large bucket with a secure lid to safely contain the leaked material.
  6. Place the waste containers upright in sturdy cardboard boxes or bins.
  7. You may line the box or bin with plastic - do not use plastic bags alone.
  8. Place the prepared wastes in the back of your vehicle.
  9. If you would like to keep your waste container (e.g. red gasoline can), please call in advance for further instructions.
  10. Remove any other items not intended for disposal from the back of your vehicle.
  11. And, avoid bringing pets, or keep them secured.
What to Expect at Your Appointment

Staff will greet you, take a brief survey, and unload the waste from your vehicle for you.

  1. Stay inside of your vehicle
  2. Turn off your engine
  3. Extinguish any smoking materials

Still have questions?

Read our program FAQ, or email us at or call (650) 372-6200.

Make a FREE Drop-off Appointment

You must make an appointment to recycle/dispose of your household hazardous waste. Please follow these steps:

  1. Select a drop-off event.
  2. Select an appointment time.
  3. Enter your contact information on the next page.
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Event Date 11/20/2021
Event Site San Mateo
Hours 8:00 am to 1:00 pm


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